We are a team of programmers participating in the Node.js KO competition from Oulu, Finland.


Entries in the competition

  • 2011 we made webchat using IceCap. See tidhr/nko2-oulu. It was practically a web IRC client/remote shell service. It btw also includes LDAP server written in Node.js which we used to setup Linux shell accounts for each user automatically.
  • 2012 we made an online news site -- with the name of the Tidhr. We hope we'll get it running some day again. The project was basically a news search engine / graph-based news reader. It was made using Neo4j Graph database and some bleeding edge semantic text processing services.
  • 2013 we made an online [feed] reader -- reader.tidhr.com
  • 2014 we'll try to make something simple and elegant. We haven't decided what yet.